We are well into the second half of the year, and here are Corsizio we’ve been very busy creating and implementing new features to make your experience with Corsizio the best that it can be.

Since our last features update in January, we’ve rolled out many new features that will help you optimize your event registration, attendee management and marketing needs. The new features, which are available to everyone using Corsizio for their event registration and payment collection are as follows:

Integrate into your website using our new Developer API.

If you, or your team, are tech savvy you can integrate Corsizio into your website using our new Developer API. This feature enables you to create your own custom pages with data that is derived from Corsizio. This is an advanced feature that is only needed if a custom integration with your own website is needed. Read more about it in the Developer API documentation.

Embed event pages or registration forms as iframe embeds.

This feature allows you to embed your event pages or registration forms into your website, with a few options to hide various elements that may not be applicable to the layout on your website. This is not needed for everyone, as you can easily link to the specific event pages or use the usual embed buttons and card widgets that we provide for each event, but this may be handy for the times where you would like a deeper integration. Read more on how to use the Embed Integrations.

Include a custom communication message within the automated email receipts, requests, and reminders.

When your students register to an event, they automatically receive a receipt by email, as well as an event reminder email before the event.You can now include a short message to your registered attendees to be included and highlighted on these automated emails. Examples for using this message include sharing about your refund policy or terms, reminding students about something for the event, making a note of required materials, or simply thanking them for being part of your event.

Restrict registrations to a specific email domain.

If you have an event that you would like only certain people who share a specific email domain to register for, you can do so now with this attendee restriction feature. Examples for using this feature include hosting an internal event within your company, where employees share a common email domain and wanting to restrict registration to employees of your company only, or employees within a specific division or department, etc.

Restrict registrations to a specific passcode.

On the other hand, if you would like to restrict your event registration to a group of unrelated individuals, you can still do so by configuring a custom passcode(s), which would be used to register with. This way only those you give the passcode to or share the passcode with can register to your event.

Calendar view of events and attendees to manage them better.

Within the app, you now have the ability to view your events or attendees in a calendar format. Additionally, we have enhanced your event portal page so that you can show a calendar view, as well as a list view. You can also set the calendar view to be visible by default. This will be of most value for those event creators who have a higher amount of events taking place regularly.

Ability to disable the use of a classification filter, like genders or age groups.

As part of the portal page enhancements, you now also have the option of disabling the use of the filters. This will be of most value for those event creators who have a low volume of events and/or who do not have different classifications associated with their events, such as age, gender, level, etc.

Ability to remove the events filtration bar on your events portal page.

Another enhancement to the portal page is that you can now entirely remove the filtration bar at the top of the generated public site, if this is not needed for you or applicable to your events. This is useful if you have very few current or upcoming events, where there is no need to filter on them.

Ability to hide the price label for free ($0) events on the generated public site.

Instead of showing free events with the label “free” next to them, you can globally for your account, hide those FREE labels completely. This is useful if most or all of your events are free, and there is no need to distinguish between them and paid events.

Ability to use HTML code inside the event description form field.

Aside from the ability to use Markdown text formatting to enhance your event page, those who are more tech savvy now also have the ability to use HTML code inside the event description form field. This allows you to customize your event page even further, and perhaps embed a video, slideshow or other applicable components to your event page.

Event pages now show a Google Map of the location.

Aside from displaying the address, your event pages now also feature a Google Map of the event location. This enables your attendees to have a quick visual of the event location on the map and easily get directions by clicking on it, which takes them to Google Maps.

Third Party Integrations: Google Analytics and MailChimp.

If you would like to track stats, analytics or similar data about your event pages, you can do so by easily integrating your account with Google Analytics.

If you use MailChimp for your email list(s) campaigns, you can now also easily integrate it with Corsizio by using a MailChimp List ID and including it into your account settings. From that point on, any new attendee registration will also send the name and email address to your MailChimp mailing list.

Coming Up

Enjoy all the new features, and connect with us anytime to share your comments, questions or feedback, as well as additional feature requests info@corsizio.com

A big thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback for the development and implementation of this set of features. And another big thank you to all of you who have shared your awesome feedback with us. We are so happy that you love using Corsizio as much as we love building it for you.

We’ve got many new features coming for you over the next few months, so stay tuned!

The Corsizio Team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, get your own free account today to explore how it can optimize your events.