Things are moving and shaking and we are excited to share with you the latest round of new features and changes that have been added to Corsizio and are now available for all of our users.

To make sure you have not missed anything, check out our previous features update from September, so that you continue to get the most out of Corsizio and enjoy the wide array of features and customizations that it offers for your event and attendee management needs.

New Features

Archive old classes and their attendees when no longer needed.

This new feature will be especially helpful to any teachers or event creators who offer a lot of events regularly. When an event passes and you no longer need to see it or refer to it, you can archive the event, which will also archive all of the students associated with it, so that it is out of your view. This way you can focus better on your current and upcoming events. Archived events are still always accessible, if needed for any reason, like cloning.

Set a specific date and time to close event registrations.

With this feature you can control your registration close date, instead of using the default start time of the event. This will be especially helpful for anyone who needs to plan or prepare for a specific number of attendees in advance of the event, or to keep the event registration open beyond the initial event start date.

Add a custom brand logo to all outgoing emails.

Any notifications sent to attendees from your account, like receipts, memos or event reminders, can now include your brand logo on them. This will help you strengthen and increase your brand’s visibility.

Bulk clone a class or event.

If you offer repetitions of the same event or similar classes, instead of manually entering each one and having to configure event details all over again, you can now easily bulk clone an event into multiple copies all at once. Then you would only need to override a few fields within each one, such as reflecting a new date and time, rather than having to setup everything from scratch. All original event settings get inherited.

During the cloning of an event, when you change the start date, all other dates (i.e. early bird, deposit, etc.) will move relative to it, so that you no longer need to update them manually either.

Developer API access to attendees and payment status for each event.

For those of our users who rely on advanced customizations and use our Developer API, you can now access necessary data related to your attendees, like name, email address or their payment status (i.e.whether they paid, in full or deposit, method of payment, etc.), if needed. This is useful if you need to programmatically gather this information, for the purpose of something like printing name labels or directly importing into your own CRM.

Option to skip the payment form when adding an attendee manually.

While Corsizio provides you with the ability to offer your attendees quick and easy online registration, you can also manually register attendees to your events. If you ever need to use this feature, you can now skip the payment form for the attendee without having to exempt them of the amount. Instead, there will still be an owing amount to keep the financial reporting accurate and you have the ability to add manual payments as you please.

Choose when the event reminder emails are sent out to attendees.

You can now choose from a selection of options for when you would like your attendees to receive their automated notification to remind them of the event they are registered for. By default, event reminder emails are set to be sent out 1 day before the event, but you can now change this to reflect the time period most appropriate for you (i.e. 3 days, 1 week, etc.).

Changes and Enhancements

  • You will now get email notifications when you receive new feedback from attendees of your events.

  • You can now include a “Learn More” button on the event card embed, in addition to the “Register” button.

  • Attendees can now sort by “Price” on your event portal page, and you have the ability to make it the default sort setting.

  • Any event that reaches its maximum available spots will now display “Sold Out” labels in all of the appropriate places.

Many Thanks to Our Customers

We have made Corsizio better as a result of our customers’ feedback and requests. We know you will enjoy these new features and updates, and we welcome your input anytime. To share your comments, questions or feedback, as well as additional feature requests, connect with us at:

We are excited to unveil some more new features before the end of this year, so stay tuned!

The Corsizio Team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, get your own free account today to explore how it can optimize your events.