We have an exciting new feature to share with you!

QR Code Check-In Feature

You can now check-in your attendees on location at your events. This will be very useful for you if you run large events, where you need to automate and speed up the process of verifying who is attending the event. This will help you ensure that only registered participants are allowed entry into the event, and help you keep track officially of who attended your event. In fact, this feature will be especially useful if you need to take attendance at your events, and do so in a quick and effective manner. You may be issuing certificates of completion, for example, and must ensure that you only grant them to those who actually attended the event and not just those who registered.

How the Check-In Feature Works

When your attendees register for one of your events using Corsizio, their registration confirmation email will automatically include a check-in QR code. This code can then be scanned or entered manually at your event, when you activate your check-in page on any device connected to the internet, like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. To learn how to do this, read our Attendee Check-In Page help doc.

This check-in page is a purely web-based application that can be opened on any device and on any modern web browser; there is nothing to download or install.

Here is a common scenario of how you may wish to put this to use at your next event:

  • If you want to check in your attendees, or have another staff or volunteer member do it, authorize the check-in page to start accepting check-ins on your chosen device. Depending on your preference and the type of device you are using, you can scan the attendee’s registration QR codes or enter them manually.

  • If you want to have your attendees check in themselves, set up one or more stations with a laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet, and authorize the check-in page on these devices. Attendees should then be instructed to visit the station and check themselves in by either scanning or manually entering their registration QR code.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and get lots of value and use out of it to make your registration process and events the best that they can be.

In addition to this feature, we’ve also made some further enhancements within your Corsizio account to provide you with the best possible experience.

To your continued success!

The Corsizio Team

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