Here are our latest additions of new features and updates to help make your experience with Corsizio even better.

New Configurations for the Event Portal Site

You can now configure your account’s portal site with initial flow steps before your users get to the list of filtered events. Along with this, you can group the events by any of your configured classification types, like categories or locations, or by month.

New configuration options include:

  • Override the initial view and flow of events on the generated portal
  • Override the default order of the events on the generated portal
  • Override the default grouping of the events on the generated portal

When you override the initial view and flow of events, this allows you to show the full list of categories, which you configured, before the user sees the filtered list of events by the chosen category. This can also be layered in multiple steps, like first asking your audience to choose a location, then a category, and so on, and then finally show the list of events.

Grouping the final list of events is very handy when you have many events that you would like to be displayed in sections on the screen, and in the order of how you configured that classification type chosen in your account. For example, you can choose to group by “category”, which will create multiple category sections in the same order as they are configured in the account, and then it displays the events under each category heading. As a bonus, you can use this mechanism to have a special category of events that will always show at the top.

The combinations are endless. Take a look and see if you can improve your account’s portal site even further by changing a few options. To try this new feature, update your portal site options in your Account Settings.

Preview Event Enhancement

You can now also preview an event before you publish it.

Filter Events by Instructors

You can now also allow your customer to filter on instructors on the portal site. This is helpful when you have several instructors associated with the events you offer and your audience would like to choose an event based on the instructor.

German Translations

We now offer a German translation for all public pages on Corsizio. This option does not translate the internal application, as our system and support are all in English. However, it provides your audience with a fully German experience when they view your event and registration pages.

To your continued success!

The Corsizio Team

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