A new year is here and we at Corsizio are excited to continue to bring you even more great service updates and enhancements this year! We had a wonderful 2016 and are dedicated to making 2017 even better when it comes to offering an excellent event management and registration experience. Here is the latest round of new features and changes that have been added to Corsizio and are now available for all of our users.

To make sure you have not missed anything, check out our previous features update from November, so that you continue to get the most out of Corsizio and enjoy the wide array of features and customizations that it offers for your event and attendee management needs.

New Features

Offer volume discounts on multiple registrations.

You now have the ability to enable volume discounts on each event. This can provide a great way to entice attendees to register more than one person; they receive a discount and you get more attendees and ultimately revenue.

Here are some examples of volume discount configurations:

  • 2nd registration gets 15% off
  • 3rd registration gets $25 off
  • 5th registration is free

You have the ability to configure what registration level gets a discount and the type of discount you wish to offer (dollar amount or percentage). Please note, this feature works per specific event and cannot be applied across your entire account.

Calendar integration for attendees.

Email receipts and reminders sent to your attendees now have links to add the event dates to their personal calendar. Supported calendars include: Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Online, Outlook and iCalendar. Aside from the reminder email your attendees will receive before the event, this will help them remember and show up for your event.

Ability to create bulk coupons.

If you use the coupons feature, you now have the ability to create coupon codes with the exact same settings in bulk. Whether you are creating 5 or 50 coupon codes, this will save you time and effort. It can be especially helpful if you are using coupon codes as pre-paid vouchers and need to create many at once.

Track attendance for your events.

If you need to or would like to track attendance for your events, you can now do so in a simple and dedicated way from within the system. With this feature you have the option to mark everyone as present at once or mark each attendee as present manually.

Transfer attendees between events.

With this feature you have the ability to transfer an attendee from one of your events to another, and maintain all payment details properly. This will be specifically helpful if an attendee is not able to make it to the originally registered for event. Then, whether you run the same event again or a different one, depending on your event policy you may wish to transfer them to another one of your events, even if it is a different price, and have the ability to make price adjustments as needed.

Additional PDF exports for your events.

The export options have been enhanced providing you with a few more choices for different PDF exports. This way you can print the attendees list for an event in a layout that would be most suitable for your needs.

Specific tax label and ability to include tax in price.

Instead of just a generic Tax label on your registration forms and email receipts, you can now indicate what specific tax you are collecting from your attendees. For example, VAT, GST, etc. Additionally, you also have the option to show your attendees the final price, which already includes the tax as the sticker price, as is the preferred format in some countries.

Changes and Enhancements

  • An enhancement to the attendee cancellation process is that you now have the ability to fully delete a registration if no payment transaction has yet occurred.

  • You now have the ability to adjust the pending amount (price) on a registration freely when needed.

  • Embed cards have been enhanced with the statement “Hurry, limited spots left.” when there are only 3 spots or less left to your event.

  • The attendee details panel now includes an internal field labelled “Internal Remark” for you to use as you wish to make an important note about this attendee or their registration. If you choose to use it, it will be prominently visible in a few places, like on the attendees list.

  • You now have a setting in the site setup to hide the event image (cover photo) or placeholder, whether you choose to use an image or not. This can provide more space for your event description text.

Many Thanks to Our Customers

Our customers’ feedback and requests continue to shape Corsizio to be most effective and enjoyable for a wide variety of educational event needs. We know you will enjoy these new features and updates, and we welcome your input anytime. To share your comments, questions or feedback, as well as additional feature requests, connect with us at: info@corsizio.com

Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful new year!

The Corsizio Team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, get your own free account today to explore how it can optimize your events.