2015 has been another exciting year here at Corsizio as we continued to work with our Beta users and develop new features to provide you with an outstanding experience for your online registrations, payments and feedback for any of your classes, courses, workshops and similar events.

In addition to the 2014 features summary shared last year, here is a summary of the new features that you can now enjoy and use for your events:

  • Enhancement of registration payment and payment management options.
  • Coupon functionality: allows you to create and apply custom coupon codes to single events or across multiple events, as well as expire or limit coupon redemptions.
  • Multiple-pricing categories: allows you to offer different price points on your registrations. For example, you can have child, adult and senior pricing tiers for the same event registration.
  • Offline payment options: allow you to register people online, but accept payments offline.
  • Deposit options: allow you to collect a deposit for your events, and collect the remainder online via Corsizio or offline via cash or check.
  • Event add-on options: allow you to add materials that may be required or optional as part of your event to the registration form. For example, books, supplies, meals, etc. This way your attendee can pay for everything needed for the event upfront, as part of their registration.

Enjoy all the new features, and connect with us anytime to share your comments, questions or feedback, as well as additional feature requests info@corsizio.com

Wishing you a wonderful new year! The Corsizio Team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, register for your own free account today to explore how it can enhance your events!