Here are the latest features and updates to help improve your experience using Corsizio even more.

1. New Help System

Use the new help and support widget found inside the app to get quick answers to your questions and reach us easier. We will continue to document features in greater detail to help you even more.

2. Improved CSV Exports

When exporting your event and attendee data, you can now include registration custom fields and have the ability to filter the list of attendees first before you export to CSV, and only get that subset of data.

3. Bulk Certificates

You can now grant certificates to many or all attendees at once within a specific event. This will help save you time and clicks whenever most or all of your event attendees require a certificate.

4. Public Feedback

You can now display a list of public feedback on the portal site and event detail pages. You just need to enable this feature from your account’s Portal Site settings and start marking some feedback as “public”.

5. Hidden Published Events

You can now publish an event but hide it from your portal site and/or calendar view. This helps if you have some events in your account that are meant for a different audience and you don’t want them included in your public Events List.

To your continued success!

The Corsizio Team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, get your own free account today to explore how it can optimize your events.