The more different events you offer and the more events you accumulate over time, the more you benefit from proper organization, so that you can quickly and easily spot, find and easily interact with your different events. To help you with this, we have just launched a new feature that allows you to color code your different event categories.

You will also be happy to hear that the benefits of this feature also extend to your potential attendees. When using your Corsizio event portal site, they will also have an easier time searching for or locating the events they are interested in registering for.

So should you start using this feature? While it won’t make much difference if you just have a handful of events, and is completely not needed if you only offer the same type of event, it is highly recommended and makes a huge difference if you have many different types of events. For example, different types of dance or yoga classes or categories of courses.

How to Use the Color Code Feature

To use this feature, go to your Account Settings, then select Configurations, and then Categories. There you will see blank boxes beside each category, with the tool option to select different colors.

Choose the colors you would like to represent each of your different event categories.

When you go back to your dashboard or class view, you will now see the category labels associated with each event with the respective colors you chose for each category. This way you can locate and see the events you want to work with or refer to in a faster and easier way.

You will also see the color-coded categories more easily in your calendar view.

Fnally, here is how it will look like on your public, event portal site. Like you, your potential attendees can filter events by category and quickly and easily spot the events they are interested in.

To your continued success!

The Corsizio team

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