Having attendees register to your events generates a great feeling and sense of success for you. The knowledge, skills and experiences you give them can in turn provide a great feeling and sense of success for them. But there is something more you can do to further enhance their experience. You can award your attendees with a certificate of completion.

The Benefits of a Certificate of Completion

By granting your attendees certificates of completion, you are helping them honor and celebrate their achievements. When students make a commitment to register for and participate in a certain class, program or event they are affirming their priorities and meeting their goals. These can be significant milestones on their personal and/or professional journeys, and any kind of external acknowledgement of that can go a long way. Whether your attendees are adults or children, whether they are taking your events for personal or professional reasons, it feels good to have our efforts be acknowledged and celebrated.

Granting certificates of completion becomes even more important if your students are required to provide some form of documentation as proof of completion of a certain program to any third party. This can include their school, work or even legal needs. A certificate of completion can therefore serve a valuable purpose in the lives of your students, as it can provide a digital and/or physical record of one’s participations and achievements. It can be framed, displayed or showcased for both their personal satisfaction and/or to illustrate to others their qualification in some area. And if your attendees are kids, a certificate of completion can be that much more personally meaningful to help them mark and celebrate their accomplishments.

What Does a Certificate of Completion Look Like?

The certificate of completion generated from within Corsizio will look as follows:

You can customize it, as outlined below, and if printed, it will be the traditional letter size of 8.5 by 11.0 inches or 215.9 by 279.4 mm.

How to Grant a Certificate of Completion

Certificates can only be granted to participants that have fully paid, attended, and completed your class or event.

From within Corsizio, go to Account Settings » Configurations » Certificates Setup. Here you have the ability to configure all of the appropriate settings that enable the generation and granting of certificates for your account.

You can:

  • Decide if you would like the completion certificates feature to be activated and enabled for this account. Optionally, you can enable the system to prompt you to grant a certificate upon flagging someone as “attended”.

  • Override some of the labels and colors, if needed. The “Granted by” name display is automatically set as the instructor or contact name of the specific class or workshop, but you can globally override that as well. You may also choose a different border color or provide your own hex color code, like #00BBFF.

  • Upload an image of your brand logo that should be displayed on the completion certificates. The image file must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF and under 5MB. If you don’t provide one, then Corsizio will use the account’s brand logo, as configured under the Account Profile. Note that you can be creative with this specific logo, since it is only going to be used on the certificates generated. For example, you can create a stamp look-alike with your brand, as your image logo or similar variations.

  • You can also include some optional text, as common info or other legal details, to show on the certificate near the bottom. (The certificate image example above does not show any of this optional text.)

You can read the complete Certificate of Completion help document here.

Wishing you and your students success!

The Corsizio Team

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