In order to be successful and efficient with whatever task we have, we need to be equipped with the right information and the right tool for the job. And when it comes to event registration software, there are many options available today. However, they do not all function the same way. Each one is more suitable or less suitable to a specific kind or set of events.

Therefore, the type of event that you require registration and payment for, will greatly determine which online registration software you should use. From classes and conferences to concerts and camps, each event has its own unique registration needs. Some events require no information from attendees, some require a lot. Some events require various coupons, discounts, add-on options and conditions, others do not. Some events require prerequisite events, such as a specific order to the enrollment of each event, while others do not.

To help you choose the right tool for your needs, this guide will help you learn more about how Corsizio works and how it differs from other event registration software types.

What is Corsizio?

Corsizio is a registration and payment software that provides a balance of features to meet event-centric and attendee-centric needs.

This means that users are provided with features to manage both their event and attendee data. Users create events for attendees to register, and when attendees register to those events users have an attendee record for every registration. This allows you to collect information about who is coming to the event, but your attendees do not create their own accounts with Corsizio. This ensures that you always get the most up-to-date information from your attendees, and they are not discouraged from registering to your events by needing to create their own accounts.

To help you understand this better, here are 6 event registration characteristics to consider.

1. Corsizio is Not a Ticketing Software

If you are running a large event like a concert or conference, where you just want to sell tickets without any need or desire to collect information about your attendees, then a specific ticketing software would be the best solution for your event needs.


With Corsizio, you can host as small or as large events as you desire, however each registration must have its own unique and separate record, which will at minimum provide you with basic attendee info.

2. Corsizio is Not a Shopping Cart Software

Cart software is somewhat similar to ticketing software, where your potential attendees can purchase multiple tickets, seats or spots to your venue at once, without much, if any regard for the attendee info.


Corsizio easily enables the registration of multiple attendees to the same event, but it is not done like a traditional cart system, where the buyer would just add the desired amount of tickets to a “cart” and checkout to pay. In Corsizio, every registration is still treated uniquely and has its own proper record, based on a flow that makes it convenient for the attendee to register more than one person and convenient for you to ensure proper record keeping.

3. Corsizio is Not a Form Software

Any registration requirements that rely on the filling out of long, detailed or complex forms, as well as uploads or downloads of documents related to the registration process, would most benefit from some kind of a form software or attendee-centric software. Such software either mandates that attendees create their own user accounts to manage their registration and data, or it specializes in various form types and form customizations.


The Corsizio registration form on the other hand, is meant to facilitate registrations to more simple or straightforward events. By default, it always contains basic required info (the attendee full name and email address), as well as a basic optional note field. Beyond that, you can add other custom fields to the registration form, depending on what information you require from your attendees, and in this way build-up the form to your minimum needs.

The Corsizio registration flow is a single-step form, optimized to be most effective, rather than any kind of long or multi-step flow, which tends to discourage registration completion and increase the likelihood of registration abandonment. For the easiest, quickest and most seamless registration process for your attendees, we encourage our users to keep the registration forms as simple as possible.

4. Corsizio is Not a CRM — Customer Relationship Management Software

If your event or registration needs require complex analysis of attendee data, including one comprehensive record for each attendee that links together all of the events they have attended and information they have provided, and/or the ability to edit their data anytime via an attendee login, then you would most benefit from some kind of CRM software or intricate attendee-centric event registration software.


With Corsizio, each registration is its own unique transaction. This means that each registration record stands on its own, and you always have an accurate record for each event registration, as well as the most up-to-date and specific attendee data for any new event they register to, without them needing to log in or create any kind of user account, etc.

5. Corsizio is not a Newsletter or Bulk Email Software

If your event or registration needs require mass mailings or communications with your attendees, where you want to regularly tell them about things like new events, products or other promotions, you would most benefit from a specific newsletter or bulk email software.


At Corsizio, we recognize the value and importance of proper communication, especially when it comes to successful event registration and execution. This is why we provide you with three main solutions to address this.

  • First, we offer a memo feature, which allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your students, within a specific event. For example, you may need to tell your students about a change in time or location, or to remind them to bring something specific to the event.
  • Second, we provide PDF and CSV exports of attendees for each event. This allows you to use and manage that data outside of Corsizio. For example, you can import that CSV data into your own CRM software or take a PDF printout to your event as an attendance list or for other instructor use.
  • Third, for any other communications, including ones that involve mass mailings to all attendees who have registered to any of your events, we provide you with a direct integration to one of the most popular bulk email systems — MailChimp.

And if that is not the newsletter or bulk email software you use, you can also use Zapier as a service to integrate Corsizio with another supported bulk email software, or use our developer API to export the needed data out and then use it at your discretion.

6. Corsizio is not an Accounting Software

If your event or registration needs require complex analysis of your financial data and/or financial management of employees, payroll, equipment or any similar things, then you would surely benefit from either a specific accounting software that can integrate with your event registration software or from an intricate registration software that may include such options.


With Corsizio, you get clear and easy access to the financial breakdown for each of your events separately. Because we integrate with Stripe for all online payments, you also get additional financial reporting abilities within their dashboard for any of your online payments. You can also use our event registration CSV exports or our developer API to export that data out and then use it as your needs dictate. Finally, you also have the option to use Zapier as a service to integrate Corsizio with a supported accounting software.


While it would be great to have all of our needs met by the product or service we are interested in using, rarely is this the case, unless perhaps we get a custom solution built for us. This is why it is important to consider what your most important overall needs are and which software system will come the closest to providing you with what you need, while at the same time being easy and enjoyable to use.

Here at Corsizio, we pride ourselves on offering an event registration software that is easy-to-use, has a modern interface and offers a variety of essential features, while being optimized for general event needs.

We would love to have you use and benefit from all that Corsizio offers, but even more so from you getting the most suitable solution for your needs, whichever one that may be.

To your continued success!

The Corsizio team

p.s. If you have not signed up to Corsizio yet, register for your own free account today to explore how it can enhance your events!